Be Careful With What You Eat

You might not want to read this if you’re eating right now.
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The title of this one sounds simple and something that’s easy for all of us to do. But every once in a while, it helps to get a reminder that there are foods that our bodies do not take very well. I had my reminder of this fact a week ago and I'm still paying the price for it. This isn’t a fun experience fellow writers and readers.

The Beginning

This nightmare all started one day when I took two pieces of dark cooked chicken that my friend Kane made at work for my lunch break. I had eaten some of his chicken two days ago, so I figured I was okay. Fast forward to lunchtime, I’m hungry and eager to heat up the chickens. I grab my white plate and put it in one of the microwaves in our break room.

The timer is set for 1:40. I’m standing by the microwave on my phone acting like I’m messaging someone (which I’m not). Ding! The timer is done. I opened up the microwave and see if the chickens are hot enough to eat. They’re very hot, so I take the food out, look for a table to sit at, grab one of the bottled waters out of this freezer and finally have a seat.

After letting the food cool down a little, I eat the pieces of chicken like my life depends on it. I ate my food in 10 minutes. Everything seems fine so far for now.

Feeling Unease

Four hours later, I’m on my last hour of work before I can head home. I’m working on what they call lab picks. It’s when you grab items from various aisles and put them into these brown boxes and take them to where they need to go.

So I’m working on a lab pick and this painful feeling happens inside my stomach, I have to wait until this sensation is gone. The pain finally leaves. I continue to work on my lab pick. A few minutes later, this bubbly feeling takes over at my rear end. It feels like a volcano is erupting inside of me.

I feel like any second I could explode, so I immediately head to the nearest restroom to let out this magma and lava inside of me. It feels so great releasing that streaming liquid to where it belongs. Hopefully, that was the end of this diarrhea episode.

The Problem Continues

The next day, I have the day off. Things seem okay in the morning. It’s not until 12:00 pm comes around that this diarrhea problem hits me again and much harder. The next time it did, I was in my car driving back home, so I had to hold it in until I got back home.

When I finally got home, I immediately went to the bathroom to release this lava once again. While I was doing so, it dawns on me that the chicken I ate yesterday tore my stomach up! I had to keep running to the bathroom several times throughout the day. The same two patterns keep having. My stomach acts up first or the bottom of my insides feels like exploded out of me.

This problem continues even when I went to bed. When I wake up early in the morning, I can feel my bottom telling me to ‘’get your butt in the bathroom…NOW!’’. I will! I will!

I realized that I need to take something for this because I’ve never had diarrhea last this long…ever! Later on that day, I tell a friend named Raina about my issues, she suggests that I get this product called Imodium. So I look up Imodium to see what it looks like. They’re tablets that you take to help you if you have Diarrhea plus Cramps/Pressure, Bloating, and Gas.

I quickly head to the nearest CVS Pharmacy store near me and grab some to take so I can free myself of this torture. After I grabbed the item and take it home, I looked at the back of the small box to see how many I take? For adults and children 12 years and older, you take 2 caplets after the first loose stool (I’m not sure what those last two words mean?).

Plus, you also have to take those tablets on an empty stomach. I take the tablets hoping it’ll kill my diarrhea quickly. At first, it feels like it’s working. The feeling doesn’t last too long. 30 minutes later, I run to the bathroom to release a mountain of lava. With the tablets not working, I just except letting this diarrhea die naturally.

Four days later, the diarrhea is finally dying down after a week of running back and forth to the bathroom. I hope I don’t ever experience anything like this again. So readers, be careful with the foods you eat so you don’t have to go through a week of holding your stomach while you use the bathroom.

This was a good reminder for me, only I wish it had lasted for a couple of minutes instead of a week!



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