Bill Clinton Was The First U.S President I Remember Seeing On TV

He was a big star in the 90s

Gerald Washington
4 min readMay 20, 2022


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It starts off slow. And then before you know it, you’ve lived through six presidents throughout your life so far.

It felt like yesterday when Barrack Obama was president for a long time. I didn’t realize that he had grey hair towards the end of his presidency — until I saw some photos of him on Google. The image of Obama I had in my head was still the one from 2007–2008.

George W. Bush was president during my middle school & high school years. Somehow, the man kept winning presidential elections, despite a lot of Americans not wanting him in office at all. I never got the hate for him honestly, I found him hilarious when I heard him speak with so much emphasis.

I need to read more about him to get a greater understanding.

His dad, George Bush Sr was president when I was born & during my toddler years, so, I don’t remember seeing him at all on tv or hearing about him. After his time as president ended, his successor would be the first U.S president I would see on TV and hear about, who was William Jefferson Clinton or (as everyone knows him) Bill Clinton.

I believe it was in 1995 or 96, that I became aware of Bill Clinton and being a president. He was on the news every day in the evenings. Seeing this tall silver-haired man do his presidential duties, for whatever reason, made me feel safe as a kid, and I didn’t know why that was.

Every day it was ‘’President Bill Clinton did such and such’’.

It was strange learning about other presidents in 2nd grade. ‘’There were other presidents before Bill Clinton?’’ I thought when looking through the photos of the (at the time) 42 presidents.

‘’George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? John F. Kennedy? RICHARD NIXON?

Who are these invisible presidents? Bill Clinton is the first and only president I know.’’ I had gotten used to seeing Bill Clinton be president throughout the mid-to-late 90s, that I thought he was gonna be president…forever.

And then I remember hearing a particular name that started getting mentioned A LOT in the news. Monica Lewinsky was the name. The news would…



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