Birthday 35

Come on down


Photo by Tim Zänkert on Unsplash

The clock is ticking

My excitement is kicking,

embracing February 8th with both arms

Sound all the alarms

I wait with glee

Like a kid under a Christmas tree,

to open my presents

only, this present is more time

to create more rhymes

more adventures

more writing works

more connections

to strengthen the bonds I have

to continue on this writing path

and go to wherever it leads me

to ponder and reflect

to emphasize and protect

my sanity and health

To continue this ride in my 30s

To be grateful to see birthday 35

feeling joyful and just enjoying the ride

of life

as stressful & frustrating it can be

I still maintain a belief

in happy endings

Thank you for reading!



Gerald Washington

Just a curious writer trying to navigate a complex world. Sharing my words helps a lot with that.