Hit The Like Button

Sure…as soon as you deliver

Gerald Washington


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

this unpleasant behavior must cease

that has increased

in YouTube nation

for some time

enough with the demanding

when your content isn’t outstanding

and isn’t hitting the people

the way that it should

no more playing around for ten minutes

before you start talking about what the title suggested

enough with demanding likes

every ten seconds

teasing the viewers

that’s not a good impression

for someone’s first session

with you

when they can go to another content creator

without breaking a sweat

your hustle has holes in it

this viewer refuses to help with your objective

just do your YouTube job

prove that you’re not another fraud

deliver your commentary immediately

feed the people YouTube vitamins



Gerald Washington

Just a curious writer trying to navigate a complex world. Sharing my words helps a lot with that.