I Salute Those That Work Multiple Jobs

You guys are superheroes

Gerald Washington


Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

I’m always amazed when I learn that someone is working at more than one job. I usually wonder how they do it. How can they go from one job to another?

The job I’ve been working at for four years now — takes a lot out of me mentally and at times physically.

The people there in top positions are adamant about hitting numbers and being on performance wise everyday. It’s not encouraging when you’re made to feel more like a machine than a person.

By the time I finish my ten-hour shift, I’m mentally fried and need time to unwind from being locked in for hours.

I’ve asked myself numerous times if I could handle working more jobs. I don’t believe I could. Another job with a similar pace would turn me into ground beef.

So, I salute those who work multiple jobs. I don’t know how they do it. How do they have the physical and mental bandwidth to work so many hours in a day, like my dad did?

My dad used to work multiple jobs at once for years. It was mind-boggling to me after seeing him work only one job for years before his ‘’multiple job’’ era.

I couldn’t understand why he worked two/three jobs instead of one. I knew he loved to work — because he would repeatedly say it…



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