Walking On Top Of The Nix Health Building Was Nervewracking

One wrong step is all it takes

Gerald Washington


Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

When I’m visiting an area that has a lot of tall buildings, I can’t help but look at them for a while, and be amazed at how high they are. Then, I’ll wonder how those buildings were made.

For a long time, it was a mystery to me, until I started seeing YouTube videos of construction workers working on tall buildings.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.

It made me wonder, how did these guys have the nerves they did to work (and chill) high up in the air without the fear of falling? It couldn’t have been me. My fear of those heights would have caused me to take a wrong step and then fall to Crushville.

Recently, I saw a video on Twitter X that showed a construction worker putting down a piece of the building he was working on high in the air, and it reminded me of the time that I walked on top of the hospital I used to work at years ago called Nix Health.

Nix Health gave me my first taste of the ‘’tall building’’ life.

During my two years there, I’d heard stories of people jumping from the top of the building to their demise. The courage you have to have to jump from the top of the building has to be enormous.

When I cleaned various officers and rooms on the high floors there, I would be hypnotized by the view around Downtown San Antonio. At times, I couldn’t believe I was working in a tall building that looked like it could reach the heavens.

One day, A friend of mine, Archie told me about the view outside on the 24 floor. Several co-workers would go out there, just to see the view up high around the city.

So, not too long afterward, my curiosity had me check out the view on the 24th floor (when I had time to) just to see what it looked (and felt) like seeing downtown San Antonio from above.



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